Change Logs

🎉 🎉 PyonMC New Update 🎉 🎉

📖 Release 1.3.1 Notes (Sept 12th 2023)

  • launched new domain :

  • launched new docs (guide book) :

📖 Release 1.3.0 Notes (Sept 11th 2023)

  • add economy money 💰 💰

    • --> you can see your balance at right scoreboard HUD / using command /money --> pay to your friend using /money pay <username_friend>

    • --> see leaderboard using /money top. leaderboard calculate every hour

  • buy or sell your thing in our new shop! 🛍️

    • --> to buy or sell you can use /shop

    • --> to sell your items with easy, use /shopgui

📖 Release 1.2.0 Notes (Sept 6th 2023)

  • enable economy gems shop :GII_Primogems: :GII_Primogems:

    • --> access shop trough /gems shop (items will refreshed with no announcement). grab your favorite items as fast as possible!

    • --> pay to your friend using /gems pay <username_friend>

  • enable pvp rewarding (got 1 gem for winner and lost 1 gem for loser)

  • active user will be get reward 2 gems in every 1 hour (afk will included too)

  • more reward and event will be added soon!

  • update scoreboard HUD to include gems do you have

  • see your reward using command /rewards

📖 Release 1.1.0 Notes (Sept 5th 2023)

  • enable land claiming. you can accumulate claimed land block by actively play on this server

    • --> claim your land using golden shovel (you can ask GM/Staff to borrow this tool too, instead crafting it yourself)

    • --> inspect claimed land using stick

    • --> to share claimed land, you can use /trust <username_friend>

    • --> to share only container (like chest, shulker, and animals), you can use /containertrust <username_friend>

    • --> other people can't access your chest etc when that people doesn't have access

  • disable pvp in your claimed land

  • modified tab list (player list) menu

  • add scoreboard in right of your HUD / screen to easliy see your statistic

  • old player (before 1.1.0 release) will got gems bonus

📖 Release 1.0.3 Notes (August 31th 2023)

  • enable backup on user inventory (easily to restore when shit happen)

  • auto fishing! (plz ask GM/Staff to give this ability)

  • permission update (related chat, user action etc)

📖 Release 1.0.2

  • enchance your survival gameplay. we are adding survival skill set, like forging, enchanting, fishing etc. you can see more detail using /skills

📖 Release 1.0.1

  • introduction of chat and ranks (including permission of managing server)

📖 Release 1.0.0

  • yes! initial server grand opening hoho.

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