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How to obtain golden shovel?

You have multiple ways to obtain a Golden Shovel, which is essential for land claiming. Here are the two primary methods:

  1. You'll need to open minecraft console commands and slash commands then you can type /gems shop into the console and press Enter.

  2. The Gem Shop menu will appear, displaying a range of items and perks available for purchase using your gems.

  1. Look for the Golden Shovel, which is essential for land claiming. The cost for the Golden Shovel in the Gem Shop is 5 gems.

  2. To purchase items from the Gem Shop, simply click on the item you want to buy, and the required number of gems will be deducted from your balance.

As a new player on PyonMC, you'll receive a warm welcome in the form of 20 free gems when you join the server for the first time. These initial gems allow you to start claiming land right away.

For more information on gems and their uses, feel free to ask fellow players or consult our community and staff for assistance. We're here to ensure you have a fantastic time on PyonMC!

Claiming land

Claiming land on PyonMC is easy and essential for protecting your territory. Follow these steps to create your claim:

  1. Define the First Corner: Right-click on the ground where you want the first corner of your claim to be. This action sets the initial point of your claim.

  1. Set the Second Corner: While still holding the Golden Shovel, walk to the location where you want the second corner of your claim to be.

Claim Size Requirement: Keep in mind that claims on PyonMC need to be over 50 square blocks in size (e.g., 5x5 or equivalent). Claims smaller than this size may not be valid.

  1. Confirm Your Claim: Right-click at the spot where you want the second corner of your claim. A confirmation message will appear, indicating that your claim has been successfully created.

With these simple steps, you can establish a secure area for your builds and resources, ensuring they remain safe from griefing and unauthorized access. Make sure your claims meet the size requirement to enjoy the full benefits of land protection.

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